Camera Frame Acquisition Form of the Laser Beam Profiler System

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Help on menu within CCD Form
Save Shot
  Save current frame (image) into infernally formatted 16-bits file
Read Shot
  Read laser beam image from 16-bits file of internal format
Save as bmp
  Save laser beam frame as 8 bits Windows bitmap, image will be downsampled
Make Model
  Make some model laser beam image. Used to test the software and to learn the processing
Recent files
12 bits
  make 12-bit full screen shot
8 bits
  make 8-bit full screen shot (disabled)
CCD initialization
  initialize camera for operation (extra feature, not required, automatic initialization occur if not pressed)
Shot to 3D
 pass image to main processing form
info Header
 read info in header file (conditions of shot)
Add comment
 add comment to info header of the laser beam frame
Live Run
 Start live camera operation
Live Stop
 Stop live camera operation
3D live
 Initialize software for live frame with 4D real-time visualization
CCD parameters
 Set camera parameters for bet frame quality (Gain, Exposure time, etc.)
Calibrate camera
 Calibrate Image Sensor for laser power measurement. Laser of known output power is required (independently measured)
Full ROI
 Set whole 1280x1024 image read out
Mark ROI
 Set some image area to be continuously read from camera in live mode and passed to processing. This operation save PC resources. 
Save ROI
 Save image ROI position and size for future use


CCD Camera Form Buttons Help 

Buttons on left side

  • "shot"   - take full frame, full resolution depth (12 bits).
  • "shot> 3D"  - pass current image frame to the main 3D / 2D processing form. The image might be either Full Frame or ROI.
  • "Live on"   - toggle live CCD camera operation ON and OFF.
  • "Colors"   - This operation is only enabled in live mode. Use this to color the frame with Look Up Table (LUT) palette.
  • "Close"    - Shot the camera OFF.



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