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When started the 3D laser beam software will bring you the main processing form that has 3D and 2D windows. The windows are toggled with "3D>2D" button on the left side of the main form.

You can use the menu of the main form to load laser beam image files in bitmap (BMP) format. The BMP file support added for compatibility with other software packages. We use our internal file format for saving Hi-Res 12 bit images (see below GRAB form). The main Laser Beam analysis, processing and visualization is controlled from the main form window. 3D visualization options are set from main menu>View by selecting desired options.

Use "GRAB" button on the left side of the main form to bring the CCD/CMOS camera form. This form is used to control CCD parameters and image acquisition options.

Fig.1. Main Form, 3D visualization mode of Laser Beam

Start CCD/ CMOS camera operation with "GRAB" button as described above. The Single camera shot or Live operation can be initiated either from menu or by pressing "Shot" or "Live on" buttons respectively.
While in live mode you can start 3D live operation by "3D live" button, watch if this button is enabled on left part of the CCD form that depends on your hardware and camera settings. You can stop live operation by when you are are satisfied with image.

For still images use button    "shot>3D"  to 1 image pass image to main form for processing. Try to change camera options such as integration time, trigger options, 8 or 12 bit acquisition, etc. using Menu>Options

More info on CCD Options

Fig.2. Laser Beam profiler, CCD camera form

Use   " 3D>2D"  button to set  2D mode of main form operation. See the screen as shown in Fig.3.

Fig.3. Laser Beam Software, 2D visualization mode, laser beam profiles and Gaussian least square fits.
Use "param on/off" button to initiate Laser Beam parameter and statistics calculation
Press  "StatTable" button to bring Parameter Table form as shown in Fig.4.

Fig.4. Laser Beam Analyzer, Beam parameter calculation and statistics reporting.
Use  Menu> View> "2D cut view"  to bring 2D profiles connected to the orthogonal cut planes. Move semitransparent cut planes (or slicers) in 3D screen to change the profile read out position. You can also move target cross in 2D window to achieve the same operation in 2D visualization mode.

More about 1D intersection Cut View Tool>

Fig.3. Laser Beam Profiling with 3D interactive planes. Cut intersection Plots for X and Y directional beam profiles.


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