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The menu provides you with most of the operations. Some of the functions are also implemented with Toolbars for faster access.

  Open  Read Laser Beam image file
  Save 3D image to File Save 3D picture as bitmap BMP or JPG file
  Save 2D image to File Save 2D beam image as BMP or JPG file
  Save movie Save AVI movie (clip, animation)
  Print All  Print 3D plot, 2D image, Intersection plot and laser beam parameters table in one page
  Print 3D Print 3D window
  Exit  Quit the program
  Files 1...4 Several previously open files

  3D to clipboard Copy 3D picture to system clipboard
  2D to clipboard Copy 2D picture to system clipboard
  Smooth 3D  Smooth 3D surface for laser beam noise removal
  Undo smooth 3D  Undo Data smooth
  Filter 3D Brings the dialog for selection of the Low and High Cutoff laser intensity values
  Undo Filter 3D Undo cutoff filter
  Reload 3D from 2D  Restore laser beam data from original image
  Auto contrast Optimize laser intensity contrast of the image to fit the full Z range
  Undo Auto contrast Undo auto contrast operation
3D View  
  Fill Size 3D  
  3D Slicers  slicers on/off
Table 3D data Show Data Table form for data editing
  X-axis (arrow)  Show / hide simple 3D axis 
  Scrolls Show / hide scrolls within 3D window. Scrolls are used for navigation flyby over zoomed 3D surface
  Colors Show/ hide colors of the 3D surface. The colors are applied in accordance with LUT palette
  Contour Show / hide 3D contour line
  Reflection Turn On / Off the specular reflection of the 3D surface
  Data compress  Turn On / Off 3D surface compression algorithm
Recommended for high-resolution beam profile data for faster animation
of the 3D plot
  Fast render Turn On / Off  fast 3D visualization algorithm developed for fasted surface animation
 Render Style  User selectable render style : 3D Polygon, 3D Wire or 3D Dots
  Palettes bring Options dialog (same as options button)
  Zoom +  All size 3D Zoom Up (proportional in X,Y and Z directions)
  Zoom Same as above, but Zoom Down
  Z zoom+  Vertical zoom up (Zoom Z, laser beam intensity direction)
  Z zoom - Vertical zoom down (Zoom Z, laser beam intensity direction)


within 2D image
-Calculate Centroid position within 2D laser beam image. Draw the target cross to centroid position and show centroid X and Y position is pixel values at the left side of the main form
-Calculate least square Gaussian fit
to vertical and horizontal laser beam profiles
-Calculate least square 2D ellipse fit
to laser beam image
-Enable / disable User Bucket Mode for intensity read out
-Show / Hide the beam parameter and statistics table

Zoom Effect          
 Z direction Zoom Down. Decrease laser beam intensity proportional to 3D surface height.
 Z direction Zoom Up. Amplify laser beam intensity proportional to 3D surface height.
 All Sizes Zoom Down
All Sizes Zoom Up



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