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The intersection Data read-out is linked to interactive 3D orthogonal planes movable by mouse within 3D visualization window.

You can visualize 1D cut array obtained as intersection of the laser profile surface and orthogonal plane. The Cut View tool brings you both vertical and horizontal orthogonal intersections of the beam under inspection.

The XY position of the intersection can be also controlled by cross within 2D visualization window of the main form


Fig.1. Intersection of laser beam surface with orthogonal cut plane. Laser beam profiling with interactive 3D planes.


Help on Menu

    Save data ASCII Save data as CSV ASCII file
   Copy Pict Copy 2D plot as picture to clipboard
   Copy data  Copy  data to clipboard as column of text
   Font +/- Change font size  font+  font-
   Lock to 3D slicers  Position of the cut planes can be linked to that of 3D visualization window.
With this menu option you can enable or disable this feature
When enabled, changing cut position by slider in the cut view form automatically redraws the 3D plot to visualize the current cut plane position.


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