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The Data Table Tool is organized as Multiple Document Interface (MDI) similar to familiar MS Excel application.
The data forms support basic spreadsheet features such as copy, paste, edit etc.
Data points are represented as pixel intensity values organized in rows and columns.

-View and edit data set 

-Clipboard copy/paste data subsets
-Redraw data or subset 

-multiple tables support 

-import/save data table as coma separated values (CSV, Excel compatible)

-data exchange spreadsheet application (Excel, Lotus, etc.)

From left to right as follows:

-Get data from current Laser Beam under processing

-Return data back to 3D Laser Beam main form after editing

-Save current data table as coma separated values (csv file)
Menu Table
-Open new data table within multiple DataTable form
-Get matrix of data from main Laser Beam form
-Save Data Table to CSV file
-Return data back to Main 3D Laser Beam form

-List of the files opened, current table is marked
Menu Edit
Data Editing interface is basically the same as that of MS Excel and others spreadsheet applications. You can mark the data of interest with mouse and use sub-menu with right mouse. Data value in the individual cell can be edited with keyboard.
-copy data to the system clipboard

-delete marked data
from the table
-copy marked data flipping of rows and columns (X to Y)

-format table to fit data into cells
Menu Font
-increase size of the font
-decrease size of the font


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