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The 3D Laser Analyzer Software provides you with intuitive user interface (GUI). Here you can find description of the interface mouse functions within 2D and 3D windows.
Observe the tooltips over the tools as well.

Interactive Objects within 3D Window
You can press and drag left mouse anywhere outside the measuring tools to rotate the surface representing the laser beam 3D profile. This operation also works while you are in live 4D observation mode.

You can pick up the orthogonal planes with mouse. Drag mouse will provide you with plane moving operation. Each Cut Plane is connected with corresponding 1D intersection read out.

Right mouse click within 3D window gives you some additional 3D visualization options.

Fig.1. 3D Window screen shot. Interactive intersection planes are shown
Light position Tool
The tool is designed to give you an easy access to the lighting subsystem. You can control the light position relative to the surface. The visual effect of the light is just the same as in real life. The tool works real-time and it is useful to visualize hidden surface features by shadowing.

Fig.2. Light Control tool. Mouse drag within the tool will change the light position. The Red marker shows relative position of the light. 
Palette and Contour Tool
Palette is shown within this tool as colors of the Look Up Table (LUT).
The Contour lines position in Z elevation space is shown as white shadowed lines of Z elevation. Numbers give corresponding Z-value (height value, proportional to laser beam local intensity).

Clicking over tool with left/right mouse will change number of the contour lines.

Fig.3. Contour and Palette control Tool.
User Bucket Tool
Normally user would like to know how much of the power is located within given circular or ellipse area of the laser beam. This tool is designed to provide you with this calculation. You can set user bucket position with white markers and get power within calculated.

Fig.4. User defined bucket calculation tool.

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