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The 3D Laser Beam View is an interactive software for advanced scientific visualization and analysis of the laser beam profiles. The program is using Advanced 3D graphics library for fast and effective rendering of surfaces. The visualization utilizes latest advances in 3D graphics to achieve realistic surface perception within similar to virtual reality 3D screen.
The software offers highly intuitive and easy to use graphical interface (GUI), that lets you to touch 3D objects, read out date from mouse position, move interactive tools in 3D space and much more. To let you benefit from best of the both 2D and 3D visualization we also implement 2D view mode.

When the software is integrated with CCD or CMOS camera you can observe live surface update with up to 60 frames per second (fps). So that the software brings you in 4D visualization environment, where 4th dimension is time of laser operation.

The program has been tested with Windows 98/NT/2000/XP/Vista.

We recommend at least 1 GHz processor and 128 MB memory on video card for fast real time operation with interactive 3D surfaces.

In figure on the left side we show following features of the GUI as numbered in the figure:

1.  Main toolbar 

2.  Parameter and statistics calculation button group

3.  3D and 2D operation mode switching

4.  3D interactive window used for mouse pick up operations, surface rotation, etc.

5.  Window for beam analysis in 2D mode
6.  Light position tool for light direction adjustment that will let you see better small features of the laser beam surface.
7.  Palette tool
8.  Interactive status bar.
9.  Scrolls to navigate over the surface in 3D mode.
10.  Centroid position read out in Pixel units





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