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To let you benefit from both 2D and 3D visualization approaches we provide you with 2D Image Mode option. While in 2D mode you can operate laser beam images with common user interface.

The 2D window consist of 1 laser beam image and 2 intersection plots on left and down portion. Two intersection plots are used to visualize 1D intersection profiles for current target cross position within 2D image.
The 1D intersection plots are aimed for fast profile visualization. Detailed Profile is visualized with Cut View Tool.
The Target cross position can be changed by mouse operation within 2D laser beam image.


2D Mode sub-menu
Right Mouse Click within 2D image shows the 2D mode sub-menu:
The sub-menu provides you with some parameter calculation functions.
User Bucket Power Tool
Move markers to adjust the User Bucket into elliptical area of the interest. The Total laser power within the bucket is calculated and displayed within statistics table..


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